Leonard is the caretaker at the beach club. Hailey and Claire initially seem to be afraid of him at first because of his nature.


Leonard seems to be written off as a creep in the beginning, by Hailey and Claire. However, he is just a lonely old man looking for a friend and he finds that friend in Aquamarine. As the movie progresses, Leonard is shown to be a charismatic and friendly old man. He is also a bit of a hopeless romantic being he had romantic feelings for her co-worker, Bonnie for the longest time.


Leonard is a middle aged man. He is rather wrinkled for his stage in elderliness and he is mostly seen wearing work overalls. He has dark eyes and hair. He also walks in a sort-of hunched over position.


Bonnie: Leonard's long time crush was Bonnie but he was always afraid to ask her out. When he rescues Aquamarine, she informs him that if you help a mermaid, you get a wish and he uses his wish to be in a lovely relationship with Bonnie. (See the main relationship page for Leonard and Bonnie)

Aquamarine: Friend, He rescued her from a water tower, She granted him a wish after he rescued her, He was happy that she was the only person to talk to him the whole summer. (See the main relationship page for Aquamarine and Leonard)

Claire and Hailey: He tried being friendly with them, but they were always creeped out by him (which upset him). However, they briefly interact before Hailey moves away to Australia.

Role in the movie

Two teenage best friends, Hailey Rogers (JoJo) and Claire Brown (Emma Roberts), regret that they will be separated in five days, since Hailey has to move to Australia because of her mother's (Claudia Karvan) job. One night, after a violent storm, Hailey wishes for a miracle that will make her mother change her mind about moving, and so they find a mermaid named Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) in the swimming pool of their beach club. The girls are frightened at first, but then curious. They start to talk with Aquamarine and promise her they will be back in the morning.

The next morning, Claire wakes up and hears a strange commotion down at the swimming pool where they left Aquamarine. Claire's grandparents Bob and Maggie (Roy Billing and Julia Blake) were clearing the pool because of the huge storm. Both Claire and Hailey quickly rush down to save Aquamarine but when they reach the pool, everything has been cleared. They hear noises by the nearby beach's snack shack and find a nude Aquamarine. The only difference is that she has legs instead of a mermaid's tail. Aquamarine tells them she can assume human form on land during the day if she does not get wet. Claire and Hailey become friends with Aquamarine, who tells them that she came to land to find love, an idea she knows nothing about, but desires desperately. She tells them that she made a deal with her father that if she can prove love is not a myth, she will not have to undergo an arranged marriage to a spoiled merman, but she only has three days to do it. She notices a handsome lifeguard named Raymond (Jake McDorman), whom Claire and Hailey have admired for a while, and enlists the help of the two girls to win his heart in return for granting their wish. The girls see their opportunity to keep Hailey from moving and quickly work on prepping Aquamarine on the how-tos of attracting a man. These self-educated relationship experts, having gained all their knowledge from reading magazines every day and often quote them, soon realize it's a lot easier said than done.

Claire and Hailey's rival - a spoiled, rich girl named Cecilia (Arielle Kebbel) - tries her best to stop them, but ultimately fails, causing her father to cut off her driving privileges. Also prominent is an eccentric, compassionate caretaker, Leonard (Bruce Spence), rescues Aquamarine from public discovery and then Aqua grants him a wish; he now has a lovely relationship with Bonnie (Lulu McClatchy), his long-time crush. Eventually, it is not Raymond that convinces Aquamarine's father about love, but Claire and Hailey, who are willing to give up their wish and their lives in the aiding of a friend. Raymond and Aquamarine share a kiss and promise to meet up again in the future, Raymond promises he'll wait for her in Fiji. Hailey and Claire get their wish from Aquamarine, but decide not to use it until later. Aquamarine gives both Hailey and Claire a starfish earring, which tells Hailey that she is beautiful inside and out, and Claire is courageous and has a true heart.The trio all say goodbye and promise to see each other soon.

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