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"Following a violent storm, a beautiful and sassy mermaid named Aquamarine washes ashore and into the lives of two teenage girls. After Aquamarine falls for a local, hunky lifeguard, she enlists the girls' help to win his heart.


What happens in AquamarineEdit

NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Rebecca. The movie starts underwater. You see all sorts of sea creatures and you can hear a girl laughing in the distance. Fast forward to life on land. You see a beach that is populated by many teenagers. You see two friends, Claire and Hailey, hiding behind a beach umbrella swooning over the lifeguard Raymond. They are quizzing each other on Raymond facts while the snob Cecilia who also likes Raymond comes in and starts to flirt. Claire and Hailey scream in horror because Raymond starts to flirt back. Claire and Hailey talk about how Hailey has to move in 5 days. They are walking away when they run into the creepy man who works at the beach. Fast forward to night time. Hailey and Claire are in the recreational room playing arcade games and watching the stupid news reporter man who is over dramatic on TV (Cecilia's Father). Hailey starts to wish to the gods that she doesn't have to move and that a miracle will happen. She finishes off the prayer by throwing a piece of popcorn behind her back. Claire then does the same thing. Suddenly a storm starts to take place and lights are flickering. Hailey is joking saying that if any psycho killer comes to get them, Claire is forever and eternally her best friend. Then somebody bursts through the door and the two friends start screaming. It is just Claire's Grandmother telling them to get inside.

The next day, Hailey looks outside and everything is in ruins. They walk outside and there's a crowd over by the pool. Claire falls into the pool and Raymond jumps in to save her. While under water, Claire sees something with a tail and hair staring at her. Raymond gets her out of the pool and Claire claims something was in there. Hailey whispers that Claire's parents drowned so she is scared of water. Claire tells Hailey that she wasn't kidding. So they meet back at the pool at 9:00 that night. Hailey brings bait to lure whatever it is out of the pool. After dropping a gummy worm into the pool, a mermaid appears. They scream but stop because they're afraid the creepy man will hear them. The mermaid and the girls get acquainted and the girls promise to be back the next morning to help her. The next morning they awake to a loud noise. People are draining the pool outside and the girls are afraid that the mermaid will be found. The creepy man finds some sort of bracelet that belongs to the mermaid. They hear a noise coming from the snack bar and the mermaid is inside of it. She then explains that during the day every mermaid can have human legs but they can't get them wet at all and when the sunsets they turn back to a tail. She says that she needs to find true love to prove to her father that it exists. And if they help a mermaid they get a wish. They agree that their wish will be that Hailey doesn't have to move. The mermaid sees Raymond and declares that he is the one she is in love with. The girls are sad but they agree to help her win Raymond. The mermaid runs outside over to Raymond and asks him if he loves her. He says no but he thinks she is hot. She says her name is Aquamarine and she is disappointed. The girls then take her to Claire's room (where we see a picture of a couple standing in front of a boat called "Claire D'Lune) so she can read every magazine article about love that the girl's own. Which happens to be a lot. After they are done they go to a carnival. Raymond is there and they put Aqua's knowledge to the test. Raymond ends up buying her cotton candy and they go on a paddle boat together where Raymond asks Aqua to go to the Last Splash dance with him. Aqua notices that it the sun is almost setting. She runs away and tells Raymond that she's sorry. The girls take her to a water tower where she can rest for the night.

The next day they go shopping and get their hair done. Aqua realizes that they forgot to buy earrings. She knows where to get the best ones. Stick-on starfishes! She asks Hailey and Claire to go out to sea to find some. They say it is too far to swim so Aqua whistles and two dolphins swim up to them. Claire says she doesn't want to go so Hailey goes by herself. Claire asks Aqua if she's never been in love how does she know it exists. Aqua says she's only seen love once. She saw a couple out sailing one day and the man gave the woman a look that Aqua never forgot. Aqua looked for them every year after that but they never came back. Claire asks her if the boat had a name and Aqua says, "I don't remember Claire. Wait it's Claire D'Lune!" Claire says that they were her parents. Aqua says that they were really in love. Claire wipes away a tear.

The three girls are sitting at a table when Cecilia's posse appears and says that Cecilia is going to Last Splash with Raymond. Aqua is crushed and runs away. Hailey tells Claire to go find Raymond and she will stop Aqua. Claire finds Raymond at a party and asks him why he is taking Cecilia instead of Aqua. (To the side a boy is throwing people in the pool). He says because Aqua has a boyfriend she never told him about. (Cecilia is sitting next to Raymond looking smug). Claire says that Aqua doesn't have a boyfriend and Cecilia yells over to the boy that Claire wants to go in the pool. He picks her up and Claire starts screaming and crying. He puts her down and tells her to relax. She runs away crying and Raymond runs after her and asks her where Aqua is. He finds her and they go to the Last Splash together. They are dancing and having a great time and Hailey over hears her mother telling someone how hard she has worked for ten years to move to Australia (Hailey realizes she can't go through with the wish). Then Aqua realizes that the sun is setting yet again. So she tells Raymond to meet her at the dock at 9:00 am the next morning. He asks her why and she kisses him. She says to tell her how that made him feel. They run away to the water tower and Cecilia follows them. After the girls leave Cecilia climbs the tower to see what they were doing. She discovers that Aqua is in fact a mermaid. She climbs down and breaks the ladder so she can't escape. The next morning she tells the police a girl is trapped in the water tower and they get firemen to rescue her. Her father being a news reporter is on the case interviewing Cecilia. They pull out a toy dolphin and Aquamarine is no where to be found.

You then see the creepy man who found the bracelet talking to Aquamarine. Apparently he helped her escape from the Tower. Aqua notices that he has a crush on a woman who is part of the staff too. She then says, " You know, when you help a mermaid you get a wish." At this point it is 9:30 and Raymond has been waiting for her for half an hour. She comes up to him and asks him if he loves her again. Hailey and Claire are watching through binoculars. Raymond says no he doesn't love her but he likes her. She starts to cry and Hailey and Claire are upset too. Then Cecilia appears and tells Aqua to go back to where she came from and pushes her off the edge of the dock. Aqua turns back into a mermaid and a storm starts to happen. Aqua is pulled away by waves. Hailey tells Claire that she's going to help her. Then Claire stops her and says no, we are going to help her. They both jump into the water and tell Aqua to grab a buoy near by. She does and Hailey and Claire do the same thing. Aqua says Raymond doesn't love her. Hailey and Claire say that it doesn't matter because they love her. Aqua sheds a tear and it falls into the ocean. The storm stops and Aqua says that they just proved true love exists. Hailey and Claire swim off and Raymond swims over to Aqua he apologizes and he kisses her.

You see Claire saying good bye to Hailey (Creepy man and the woman walk by holding hands). They hug and say goodbye. The screen fades to black. You then see pictures of the three girls having fun together