First Met: Before Aquamarine (Hailey and Claire knew each other before the film, but they met Aqua in the film)

Status: Best Friends (Like Sisters), Allies; They helped each other out, They would do anything for each other.

This is the friendship between the mermaid, Aquamarine, and the two humans, Hailey and Claire. Hailey and Claire knew each other and were best friends before the first film. They both met Aqua when they went to investigate the "alligator" they saw in the town's public swimming pool. They agreed to help each other. The human friends agreed to help Aqua fall in love within three days in order to prove to her merman dad that love exists and Aqua promised, in return, to give each of them a wish. Whenever a mermaid is helped, they are able to grant wishes. As the movie progressed, they became less concerned for their goals and more concerned for each other. By the end of the film, Aqua proved to her father that love just doesn't exist within dating or marriage, but it also exists through friendship and family bonds. They are currently a trio of best friends. They all separated being Hailey moved to Australia with her mom and Aqua moved back into the ocean to "clear the water with her dad", but they each promised to meet again one day. It can be assumed that they reunited after the film. After all, their trio friendship is one of the strongest seen in any sort of mermaid movie. They are currently separated, but Promise to see each other soon. In a deleted scene, Claire cuts out a picture of Aquamarine, preparing to add it to a collage of her and Hailey, showing how strong their bond has become.