Aquamarine and Cecilia

First Met: In Aquamarine

Status: Enemies, Rivals; Hate Each Other, They both fought for Raymond's affections, Cecilia tried to make a fool of out her, Aqua dislikes her

This is the intense rivalry and the antagonistic relationship between the mermaid Aquamarine and the spoiled, rich girl Cecilia. They hate each other, these two girls, being they both tried to win the heart of the innocent, handsome human Raymond. Originally, Cecilia was friends with Raymond and he used to like her. But when Aqua swam into town, Raymond took a liking to her instead. Also, let's say their fist meeting isn't what we would call nice. Cecilia was furious with this and tried to sabotage Aqua's plans of being with Raymond. Cecilia successfully exposed Aqua's secret of being a mermaid to Raymond, but he despised her for doing so. She ended up making a fool of herself on live television, right in front of her dad as weLl, for trying to expose Aqua's secret to more people before successfully exposing her secret to Raymond. Cecilia is currently the laughingstock of the town and Aqua successfully won over Raymond, despite being a mermaid. Cecilia hates Aqua for winning Raymond's heart.

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