Marjorie is a minor character in Aquamarine. She was Cecilia's close friend in, Aquamarine, before Cecilia went off the deep end of insanity (at least that is what everyone else thinks about Cecilia). She is frequently seen throughout the film with Cecilia. She is very snobby and just like Cecilia, but Cecilia is much worse! In the end, Marjorie cuts ties with Cecilia because she thought that Cecilia was crazy when she claimed that Aquamarine was a mermaid. She is the movie's secondary antagonist. Marjorie could also care less about Aquamarine, Hailey and Claire.


Marjorie is snooty and very narcissitic, much like her former friend Cecilia. She is uncaring to the events going on with other people, unlike Cecilia, who was obsessed with finding out what was going on with Aquamarine.


Marjorie is a pretty young woman. She has light brown hair that she either keeps straightened or wavy. It is unknown whether or not her hair is naturally straight. She has an athletic body, like Cecilia, but is slightly more tanned. She usually dresses in showy summer clothes that expose her athletic body.


Cecilia: Former close friend (See the main page for Cecilia and Marjorie)

Hailey and Claire: Diliked; She could care less about them.

Aquamarine: Disliked; She could care less about Aqua.