Hailey's dad

Hailey's dad used to love her and her mother and be a caring father, but he left them for another woman. He did not appear in the movie, but he is mentioned though and is shown in a picture frame.


Before the movie, Hailey's dad left her and her mom for another woman and has not been seen since. Hailey resents him for leaving them.


Being he left his wife and daughter, it can be assumed that he is uncaring and selfish. He is also unfaithful to his former wife being he left her for another woman.


Ginny Rogers: Ex-Wife; Were both in love before he left her, They have a daughter together.

Unnamed Woman: Lover/Love Interest; He must have loved her enough to leave his ex-wife and daughter behind.

Hailey: Biological Daughter; He used to love her (and she vice versa) before leaving her and Hailey's mother, Hailey resents him.


Even though he doesn't appear in the movie, Hailey's dad appears in a family picture with Hailey and Ginny Rogers. He appears to be tall, has whispy brown hair, and a lean figure.